Savage Handbag
  • Savage Handbag



    • Care Instructions

      Caring for costume jewelry:

      • Hang it up. Keep necklaces hanging free so that they are less prone to tangle. The big upside to this is you can see at a glance what you have and easily choose the piece of the day!
      • Sort it out. It helps to sort your pieces and keep them stored, covered, in groups of some kind. You can do according to color, item and/or finish. Keep sterling silver in airtight snack-size bags to keep it shiny between polishings.
      • Keep it Clean. Well made costume jewelry will last a very long time – if you clean with a soft cloth periodically. Over time, exposure to cosmetics, perfume and lotions can affect the finish of most costume pieces.
      • Protect your skin – protect your jewelry. Some cosmetic, and even some genuine, jewelry metals can cause your skin to discolor.

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